What we do

Emergent Mechanical Engineering offers numerous services focusing on better building performance and design.  These services provide us the ability to improve design providing better thermal comfort levels, acceptable noise levels, indoor air quality and system longevity.  Incorporating long term life cycle costs as buildings are one of the largest energy consumers adds another level of complexity that our Services allow us to tackle.  Sustainability is long term success. 

Our services include:

  • Complete Mechanical Designs
  • CAD and Revit Production
  • Building inspections
  • Design specifications 
  • Design manuals 
  • Controls design 
  • Design schedules
  • Building Energy Analysis for energy conservation
  • Design reviews 
  • Design collaboration 
  • Budget Estimation
  • Design checklists
  • Code review
  • Fire rating verification
  • LEED knowledge and guidance

Our building experience

  • HVAC Upgrades
  • Office and Commercial Retail Units
  • Multi-unit residential buildings (low and high rise)
  • Industrial buildings (sewer plants, water treatment plants, warehouses) 
  • Hospitals (clinics, surgical and emergency facilities)

Our HVAC experience

  • Heat pump systems
  • Fancoil systems
  • Air and Water Cooled Chillers, Fluid Coolers, and Dedicated Heat Recovery System 
  • Hydronic Systems (Primary/Secondary, Variable Speed Pumping, Flow Feedback and Glycol systems)
  • Low Temperature Geothermal Systems 
  • Low and High mass Boiler Systems
  • VRF and Split Systems
  • Energy Recovery Systems
  • Fully, Semi and Stock Equipment Specification
  • Radiant Slab Systems (snowmelt and radiant heating)
  • Constant, Variable and Reheat Systems
  • NFPA Commercial Kitchen Systems
  • Industrial Ventilation in Electrically Classified Areas
  • Automated Generator systems

Our plumbing experience

  • Domestic water systems
  • Grey water (non potable)systems 
  • Sanitary systems
  • Storm systems Weeping tile systems
  • Septic field systems
  • Fuel oil systems
  • Natural gas systems
  • Propane
  • Medical gases
  • Pumped systems
  • Compressed air system

Analysis of existing systems

Renovating and maintaining existing systems can be the smart approach to saving cost while promoting longevity.  Ask us how we can reach your goals without waiting until the entire system fails and requires replacement. 

Fire protection performance specification

At Emergent Mechanical we coordinate major sprinkler pipe routing, sprinkler head layouts, water entry stations, and other fire protection details as needed to suit the project and the Engineering budget.  Through performance based specifications and coordination with supporting contractor retained fire protection engineers, we ensure all the latest life safety requirements are met.  We always adapt our services as required to the needs of the project.

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